Terms and Conditions

By visiting our website, you agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions on our website, TopNotchMinisite.com. Any time the words "we," "our," and "us" are used, we are referring to TopNotchMinisite.com and its owners, and "you" applies to visitors to or users of TopNotchMinisite's services. Please read the following.

1. Custom Quotes

Although TopNotchMinisite.com offers services for a wide range of niches, we reserve the right to ignore any quote for any reason, if we feel it is inappropriate content. In addition, please note that if your graphics will be used in a resell rights product (that is, if you are reselling the graphics in any form), you should inform us of that immediately so that proper image licensing is used, and so that we can give you a more accurate quote.

2. Refund Policy

Since we do offer an unlimited revision system, and the vast majority of clients are highly satisfied with our work, we expect that refund requests will rarely occur. TopNotchMinisite.com will offer refunds on part of a project if multiple products are ordered. For example, if your project included two services: one minisite and one splash page, we would gladly offer a refund on either the minisite or the splash page, but not both. If more than two are ordered, you may cancel all but one service. On each service cancelled, however, we will only refund 75% of what you paid for that part of the project, to account for service charges. This partial refund will only be given after you have allowed us to revise it up to 5 times (it is at our discretion whether we will grant a refund after less than 5 revisions). After you have approved it (by approving the design, or what we can reasonably interpret as approval), we reserve the right to reject any refunds or revision requests.

3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are devoted to making sure you get the quality of graphics that satisfies you and makes your business successful. Therefore, we provide unlimited revisions until the design is confirmed. Once you approve the design, you end the revision process. We do reserve the right to reject some types of revision requests. For example, in the case of banners, if the design is sent in its complete, usable form, you may not ask for major revisions such as background changes, which often requires changes in font color, as this would be considered another banner. Abuses of the revision system will not be tolerated.

4. 72 Hour Project Rough Draft Completion

Although TopNotchMinisite.com strives to complete the rough draft within 72 hours after the payment, we do not include Sundays, holidays, natural disasters, or illness. This expected completion time is excluded in such situations, and is never guaranteed in any situation.

5. Free Lifetime Archives

We do our best to keep backups on our server of every graphics piece we create. However, it is your responsibility to make certain that you backup your data. We are not liable for information/data loss due to system errors or damage to computer, servers, storage devices, or natural disasters. Therefore, make sure you backup your information in a safe location and make multiple copies on different devices.

6. Branding on Footer

We include on the footer graphic a simple branding, in which we write "TNM Graphics by: TopNotchMinisite.com." You may not remove it from the footer image. If you wish it to be removed, pleas contact me at topnotchminisite@gmail.com, and I will work out a price with you to remove it (usually around $30).

7. Photoshop (PSD) File

We understand that the PSD editable files could save you hundreds of dollars if you need to adjust or update your graphics in any way. This is why TopNotchMinisite.com will happily provide you with the full PSD files for an additional charge of $75. Please tell us, if possible, in your first contact with us if you need the PSD files, so we can include those charges. After the PSD files are provided, all guarantees are void.

8. Client Testimonials

All testimonials are real and given by real customers who used our graphics services.

PLEASE NOTE: Any past successes of previous clients, or even your own successes, are not necessarily accurate predictors of future income. Therefore, interpret any and all income statements on TopNotchMinisite.com as estimates, and not averages. Do not interpret these earnings as what you will make, because in doing so you take the risk of being less successful. We Hope You Enjoy Using Our Services!

Best Wishes,

If there are any questions, you may contact us at topnotchminisite@gmail.com.

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